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F18 Landing Panel Part 2

Thought I should come back to the F18 Hornet Landing Panel, its been a minute.

I have sorted out the Jettison Select Switch. Works a treat.

The Park Brake works good for pull and rotate

The Gear switch works good to. It is a 3 position switch, I am thinking Up is well up, middle is down. and I’m thinking possibly down can triggger Emergency? Not sure on that. Will experiement.

Overall I’m happy with how its turning out so far. I need to do a bit more code tweaking, I am not going to offer a Gear or Park Brake at this point, they will need to be 3d printed and be quite time consuming to print. It will just be a knob at this stage.

I have an idea for landing gear thats not 3d printed, but I’ll have to do some mockups over the next week or 2.

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Fixing F18 HUD Panel for HID Mode

Ok in my haste I designed the HUD panel and testing in DCSBIOS worked beautifully. Coded the HID Mode and “tested” it.. Turns out I didn’t test to well 😉 2 of the pots are the same axis which is no good.

If you are using DCSBIOS you don’t need this everything is fine, just if you want to use HID.

The File to download is below. This is a Firmware you can use to flash the unit to correct it. Obviously new units don’t have this issue.

Once you have downloaded this, see the below instructions on how to reflash your unit with this new hardware.

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F18 Left Replica Panel Layout Part 2

So After some tinkering I have assembled the first beta Unit of the F18 Left Panel Controller.

I have decided I will be doing 2 versions of this unit, the first one shown here is the “WinWing Version”. There is no point having the Ext Fuel Controls if you have the F18 Hornet WinWing Taurus Throttle as you are doubling up, so this is a shorter version minus that.

Video Below showing the Beta WinWing Unit in Action.

One thing I will never be able to replicate is the “reset” of the Rud Trim, this is an encoder with 360 rotation when pushed it will obviously stay where it is, not much can be done with that. but you could push and rotate yourself back to centre.

Now the gain switch is guarded, and I’m not going to go that route, simply because If I did I would have to worry about a “switch” for it, which I’m not about to do at this stage. What I am thinking of doing whenever the switch is toggled it will auto toggle the guard if it is down.

ILS Channel needs to be “set” before loading the game but will mimic the in game positioning ok, but if you turn past 20 or 1 it will “lose its spot”.

This unit is the same dimensions as the Right panel but Oops I put the cable on the Right side! that will be fixed in the final version putting it on the left :):)

Now to finalise a bit of code for this and I’ll put up for subscription of interest. The full left panel is done, just currently working on a way to secure the APU addon panel to the Main Unit.

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F18 Landing Panel Part 1

Had a bit of time whilst working on a few things with the left panel replica panel so work has begun on the F18 Hornet Landing Panel. Going to keep it simple a relatively compact unit with keeping as close to a replica layout as possible.

For teh landing Gear I went for a 3 position guitar switch as it gives a nice “throw” vs just using a toggle switch. Unfortunately rotation won’t be possible.

The Park Brake is a push poll potentiometer so it should work out quite well.

I had a bit of space and it seemed a shame to waste it, was at a bit of a crossroads with what to put there but with the ECM for this one. when in production, this can be omitted or changed to something else as requested.

I am currently working on the Select Jett Knob, and it will have push functionality. as far as the park brake and Gear handle I won’t be offering anythign fancy there, just a knob for park brakeand maybe something simple for gear. This is a bit more of an undertaking but can be an optional thing later…

Now back to that left panel!

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