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F18 Landing Panel Part 2

Thought I should come back to the F18 Hornet Landing Panel, its been a minute.

I have sorted out the Jettison Select Switch. Works a treat.

The Park Brake works good for pull and rotate

The Gear switch works good to. It is a 3 position switch, I am thinking Up is well up, middle is down. and I’m thinking possibly down can triggger Emergency? Not sure on that. Will experiement.

Overall I’m happy with how its turning out so far. I need to do a bit more code tweaking, I am not going to offer a Gear or Park Brake at this point, they will need to be 3d printed and be quite time consuming to print. It will just be a knob at this stage.

I have an idea for landing gear thats not 3d printed, but I’ll have to do some mockups over the next week or 2.

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