F18 Landing Panel Part 3

I hope everybody has been keeping well in the world. I’ve had one of those regular annoying old fashion colds thats slowed me down, but starting to get back to the Landing Panel.

Below we have the 3d printed handle for the park brake

Next we have the Landing Gear handle, I went for a 3d printed shaft and acrylic handle.She seems quite sturdy after many repeated rough actions it survived.

Now for the LED we need cables of course, the option here is as shown below. unfortunately there is no way to avoid these produding like that, but I will use some heatshrink to neaten them up

Put them all together and what do you get??

Now lets set the mood

The final unit the ECM will be completely optional with no impact on the price to add it in.

Now just a bit of final finicky coding!

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