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Flight Simulator Toggle Switch Box Part 2

After a bit more Playing around with the design, I discovered that firstly 3 DZUS holes high for each toggle row was just a little 2 tight, so first thing, is I increased that to 4 holes high (38.10mm)

Then upon a bit of reflection I felt that it definitely was a bit overkill having the plates interchangable for each row, so I ended up settling on make it 2 rows of switch per panel. This meant each panel was 8 Dzus high.

So time to get cutting new base and middle plates mount the switches and we end up with this.

Shortly after engraving the 2 top plates we are now starting to look like below.

Definitely taking better shape and looking much nicer.
Note that white line between the plates will practically disappear once its screwed down.
I have had to order some black m4 bolts from EBAY, the local hardware has nothing but zinc and I’d rather not go the route of spray painting
bolts !

Now to throw in some LED backlighting to see how this looks,and it definitely pops looking smexy.

Next up is getting these nuts in when they arrive, and getting the bolts on the inside and some cable routing.

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