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Making Flight Simulator Cockpit Panels Pt6

Ok I have gone through and done some more work on F18 Hornet Panels , first up the ECM panel

Here I went for some Mattisse Acrylic paint to infill for the hazard striping. This looks better than the spray paint I think. I have some thin adhesive material on back order, but until that comes in to experiment I’m happy withthis result.

Here is the ELectrical Panel. I have a stepper motor gauge on order to play around with before I do any housings etc for this panel

Flight Control system panel done, just need to get a flip toggle cover, but the sizing I went for matched all the standard ones I saw online.

Exterior Lights redone

Ground Power, here the NATOPS didn’t show “auto” , but DCS does.. without knowing why NATOPS has it missing I went for whats in DCS .

APU sorted, this is one that will need the post paint on the bottom plate to mask off I believe.

Interior Lighting done..

Next panels to work on is the Master Arm Panel and KY58 and the comms F18 Hornet Panels

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