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***Please note I am currently awaiting on a part, but I have opened up back orders in preparation***

This F16 ICP USB Controller is perfect for Flight sim Enthusiasts who fly the F16 in Flight Simulator games, ie DCS:F16-C Viper or FalconBMS

The ICP (Integrated Control Panel) is the main interface to the other systems of the F-16. It is used among others, to enable weapons, selection of navigation settings and selection of radio communications

A short video of the unit in action in DCS F-16C Viper on the Tarmac is below.

The unit is programmed as a HID USB Device usable as a standard joystick I can offer an F16 DCSBIOS option (If you are familiar with it) but with DCS F-16C Viper being in early access I am not sure what may change.
Please note, the device won’t show up in “Game Controllers” in windows, but any game when in HID mode should work fine and detect it and the button presses.

The enclosure is made from 3mm Matt Black acrylic for a nice clean finish, and is 140mm W x 115mm H x 50mm D.

To make it easier to use on your desktop a 3mm MDF vertical mount is provided which will angle the unit at 70 Degrees, as well as the back of the Acrylic enclosure has keyhole slots in it so it could be custom mounted with some M4 bolts. The F16 ICP Plate is not screwed into the enclosure but is a friction fit so if need be it can be easily removed. The MDF Vertical Mount will need to be glued with same basic PVA glue available at any supermarket.

The F16 ICP is Backlit with green LED lighting that can be adjusted and is connected with a micro USB port (Cable Not Included you must supply your own)

This is a hobby quality product and is made to order and will have some imperfections but is 100% working with all the buttons and 4 analog axis tested and working.

Lead time on this unit will vary from 20-30 days depending on my workload.

If you have any questions please ask before purchasing as no returns are accepted

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Additional information

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 100 cm

6 reviews for F16 ICP USB Controller

  1. Adnan (verified owner)

    The best piece of equpment that you can get on the market for the reasonable price, all buttons are fully functional, all working as it should in DCS, now will wait for the switch boxes for the Viper, i hope that TekCreation will give their best again and i cant wait to get one of those too.

  2. Patrick E. (verified owner)

    Very good for the price point. However there are some general fit and finish issues. A few of the buttons stick regularly and and wooden stand does not stay together. It seemed like this batch was somewhat rushed to accommodate the high demand given the Viper modules release for DCS. Seems like some minor quality control issues, but all in all a decent product.

    • tekcreations (store manager)

      Thank you for the honest feedback Patrick, I have made contact re the issues you have with the sticky buttons.

  3. nikbit (verified owner)

    Very good service, very good communication with the seller. The package was shipped quickly and without damage to GREECE. The ICP is fully operational and does what it describes. I expect new instruments for the F-16.

  4. dailey preemen (verified owner)

    First the seller was helpful and it was delivered in a reasonable timeframe. Also the looks and led lightning is nice also the button was better alligned than expected.
    The stand that is included does hold together well for me.
    It looks and feels also great and i like the modes that allow switching between DirectX key interface and DCS bios. And hardware brightness control with the WX key.

    However i agree with Patrick above about the general fit issues with my unit the wheels when turn make a scratch noise because they touch the edges and need spacers.
    Second my COM 1 button came not working out of the box i fixed this by putton a thin peace of paper behind and it works now also the enter key is sometimes not registering which can be a pain and i cant fix that one.

    Overal iam pretty happy with it but wished the buttons registered a little better still pretty decent overal also the asking price is acceptable for the provided product.

    • tekcreations (store manager)

      Thank you for the Review, I am in contact in regards to the Enter button as I really want to get that sorted. I am taking all this feedback on board to improve the QA process

  5. dailey preemen (verified owner)

    Ok coming back to my earlier review i cant delete it i have changed rating to 4 stars all my big issues are solved and its working nice to my cougar MFD’s thanks

  6. Stephanie Lessentine (verified owner)

    Very nice plug-n-play controller, was simple to install and configured with DCS. Sadly the device didn’t last. Roughly two months after receiving the ICP, the electronics bricked. Tried reviving it with some assistance from tech support, but was not successful. Unfortunate as I was looking forward to flying the Viper with a very close to authentic product.

    • tekcreations (store manager)

      Thank you for the review It is unfortunate the problems you have experienced with the ICP, I am still working with you on a solution to get you back in the Air.

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