F18 Hornet UFC USB Controller

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This F18 UFC USB Controller is perfect for Flight sim Enthusiasts who fly the F18 in Flight Simulator games providing more realistic controls.

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This F18 Hornet UFC USB Controller is perfect for Flight sim Enthusiasts who fly the F18 in Flight Simulator games providing more realistic controls.

*** PLEASE NOTE I have opened up this listing to allow you to subscribe to be kept up to date. Unfortunately the Corona Virus has disrupted my supply chain delaying the Full release. Very Soon however I will have 3 early VR Only units available which may or may not support future displays, once supply from China resumes the Standard Base Upgrade-able model will be available for sale***

The UFC (Up Front Controller) is the main interface to the other systems of the F-18 Hornet.

This is the BASE Model, this has NO displays and is purely an input device, This would be perfect for any VR Hornet Pilots who don’t need to see the displays.
The scratchpad is available as an upgrade, and the option and channel displays will be available as an upgrade in the future.

The unit is programmed as a DCSBIOS Device by default but is also able to be toggled to DCSBIOS mode with 2 quick button presses and be usable as a standard joystick.

Please note, the device won’t show up in “Game Controllers” in windows, but any game when in HID mode should work fine and detect it and the button presses.

The enclosure is made from 3mm Matt Black acrylic for a nice clean finish, and is 189mm W x 164mm H x 53mm D.

The unit does not come with any mount and you will need to provide your own, but to make it easier to mount it comes with some keyholes with standard Vesa 100 spacing. Upon request I can make the holes the same as my F16 ICP unit to allow you to easily swap the device if required.

The F18 Hornet UFC plate is not screwed into the enclosure but is a friction fit in the enclosure with a few dabs of hot melt glue.

The F18 Hornet UFC is Backlit with green LED lighting is controled within DCS or can be controlled with the BRT knob whilst in HID mode. The unit is connected with a micro USB port (Cable Not Included you must supply your own DATA cable, please note a phone charge only cable won’t work)

This is a hobby quality product and is made to order by hand and will have some imperfections but is tested to be working. Occassionaly a few buttons may momentarily stick if not pushed at a dead straight angle, but a straight on press and the button will register.

Average lead time on this unit will vary from 20-30 days depending on my workload.

If you have any questions please ask before purchasing as no returns are accepted.

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Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 200 cm


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